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...and there are lots of laughs along the way when she discovers she can transmogrify into a pygmy goat, and hang out with the adorable, but very naughty, Hooligoats. All becomes clear as mud when Grandma flies in to explain that Kat is descended from a genetically modified line of Icelandic elf.

But the frivolity is overshadowed when police come knocking, and Kat has to face an increasingly urgent question: is she the Huldufólk child with the potential to ‘harness the power of Mother Earth to rise up and defend her people against emerging evils’?

Of course, when Mother Earth plays hard-to-get, and the evils in question would make Dracula want to hide behind the settee, there may be a high price to pay for the answer...

All profits from sales of this book go to Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats

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...some reviews from readers;

With just the right amount of intrigue and gore to peak even the most reluctant reader’s interest, this book is perfect for Upper Key Stage 2 readers and is right on trend with a strong female protagonist and eco-friendly messages !

Samantha – Teacher, Key Stage 2

Thank you, Barry Hudley, for creating this wonderful story. I went through the book like a goat goes through a bucket of linseed chips. Eagerly awaiting the next adventure for Kat and her Hooligoats

Andy (adult reader)

Very excited about this book. It comes highly recommended!

Sally (children's author)


Great! What a clever story!


Really enjoyed this, loved it! I’m in the queue for the next installment


...and from our sponsors;

A cracking good yarn - glad we got that Mr Hudley to write about our adventures.

Katherine The Kat Briscoe

Did he really have to include the goat-yoga incident?

Barney the Badass

That weirdwolf was sooo scary...

Fernando the Fearful


Ralph the Raucous

That wheelbarrow was so funny

Cuthbert the Cutie

Breaking news!

- Coming soon - Due early 2022
The Kat and The Hooligoats
The Curs of The Weirdwolf

The second part of the trilogy, subtitled The Curs Of The Weirdwolf, is well under way and is planned for release early in 2022 (What's a weirdwolf? Well, you'll need to read The Kat And The Hooligoats - And Suet Begins to find out). The adventure continues when the past comes back to haunt our intrepid heroes, and, with lives at stake once more, they have to solve the puzzle of Wren’s Nest and its connection with Much Wenlock.


Wren's Nest (or Wrosne, to use its old name), which is where the most of the action takes place, is really is an amazing place, with a history that can be traced back over four-hundred million years, so it’s easy to imagine that it’s been home to more than its fair share of hideous creatures and been base-camp for various dark and mysterious forces. It wouldn’t surprise me if Mother Earth herself has popped in occasionally. And, to cap it all, The Hooligoats even tell me that two wardens, Rob Earnshaw and Heather Williams, will actually feature in the book. How cool is that!

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